Yorkshire Dales, Cologne and ‘Lundin’ town!

Spring Time - On the Road - North Yorkshire, Cologne, London

What a week! After spending some quality time in the Yorkshire dales and arriving for a splendid sunny day in London today, I’m off to Cologne on Friday.

But let’s start with Cologne, which will be interesting to many people outside of (and maybe even inside but not in Cologne) of Germany. You might have heard of the incidences that happened last New Years Eve (2015/2016), where hundreds of women were assaulted and even raped(!) in Cologne’s central station. There were many different opinions on that. Let’s not relive that now. I want to have a look at Cologne’s beauty.

The famous Cologne cathedral “Der Kölner Dom”, the remainings of a Jewish community and a neat chocolate museum

Okay, I admit, the reason I will be there is the trade fair “FIBO”, that covers everything around health, fitness and wellness. But that can’t be it.

Now for the shoppers and fashion fans, I will say right away, Cologne has got an own style and lots of cool bloggers. Cologne also has a big gay community, no offense guys, but you are just known to have a real good taste. I know that because many of you have made me look like a fairy in this life.

“Glitter Heels, Why Not?” is up on the blog! ||

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The Cologne cathedral is probably Cologne’s most well-known emblem and needs to be paid a visit. Apart from that, I find that churches have something very relaxing, so I like to spend my time in them.

Cologne’s once 19,500 people counting Jewish community has reestablished to now 4,500 members and they go back to the year 321 AD. Reason enough for the Jewish synagogue to proudly call itself “The Oldest Jewish Congregation north of the Alps”. Cheers to that!


Not that I’ve covered some history, culture and religion (big time!), let me give you, all the sweeties. A chocolate museum. For those of you who like chocolate a lot, here you can make your own bar, taste chocolate or dine from the allegedly yummy menu. Former visitors seem very pleased, so I will give it a try.

Taking long walks with the sun tickling your nose, cream tea in Grassington and la dolce vita de Yorkshire

Sure enough, the Yorkshire dales are very popular with cyclists and people who love dangerous mountain biking, since the Tour de France had taken place there in 2014. Enthusiasts get the chance to be part of the Tour de Yorkshire every year.

Yorkshire Dales - Barn

But more than just cycling and probably the major reason for so many people doing it are a natural beauty, glimpsed over unique dry stone walls, cute holiday cottages (some of the houses around there are 350 years old and beautiful!) and it’s all listed and secured. (Remember, we are talking about a national park.)

Hope you had a good Easter. #daffodils #drystonewall #yorkshiredales #dales #thedales #nationalpark #yorkshire

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What I especially like about this place is, there are actual human beings living there (some of them since generations), farmer, cute lil’ lammies (best to look at in Spring) and live just seems a little bit more easy and real.

Stylish outfits of the day and hip Thai food for lunch – sounds like London

As soon as I got out of the tube today, hungry, tired, nauseous (I’m pregnant), I saw the sun. And lots of stylish people. Hello London, I’m back. This city has the unique

This city has the unique attribute to make me feel like I need to change and get into “London mode” before anything else can happen here.

To fuel the day with some goodness, I chose and warmly recommend the dish Rosa’s green curry at Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Chelsea.


So that’s it then. Spring is here. And I am working on my London events section on TRVL BTQ, so that all you wonderful people who are looking to pay us a visit know that we’ve got more than crown jewels, the Buckingham palace, and the river Thames (Do try a little cruise on it though).

Me at @officialrandl and @bestival 😂😂 #readingandleeds #bestival #festivalseasoniscoming #summer

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Thinking more of calm, laid back summer festivals, street feasts with food and drinks, and much more.

…Still wondering if it’s possible to StandUpPaddel anywhere in London. Does anyone have an idea, out there? If so please leave me a comment or shoot me a virtual letter. Very appreciated.




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